SHAVUOT=Cheese Cake?!

So, what is this Shavuot thing all about? Do we just eat dairy food, gain a few pounds and call it a day? Well, nope! Shavuot is probably THE most important holiday for the Jewish Nation…after all, without the giving of the Torah (Bible) there would be no Jewish Nation…do you want to know more? […]

Passover Persian-style in

Holiday delights from the ‘Non-Persian Bride’ SAVORY SEDER MENU: Reyna Simnegar shows off a variety of Passover dishes from her cookbook, including stuffed artichokes, haleg with matzoth and a veal stew. On Passover, Reyna Simnegar and her family will enjoy a Persian Seder. Many of the dishes served will be out of Simnegar’s new cookbook, […]