Passover Persian-style in

Holiday delights from the ‘Non-Persian Bride’ SAVORY SEDER MENU: Reyna Simnegar shows off a variety of Passover dishes from her cookbook, including stuffed artichokes, haleg with matzoth and a veal stew. On Passover, Reyna Simnegar and her family will enjoy a Persian Seder. Many of the dishes served will be out of Simnegar’s new cookbook, […]

Hamantashen Ready!

Adar is in the air! I love this month! It is so cute to see my little children come home from school singing “Mishe nichnas Adar, marvin b’shimcha,” which translates to “when the month of Adar arrives, our happiness increases.” Adar is also the month when we celebrate the holiday of Purim! YIPEE!! I love […]