Reyna’s rules of thumb: Pair lean proteins and complex carbs every two to three hours eating 5 meals a day. Pay close attention to portions (see illustration below). Only use starchy complex carbs when you need energy for exercise. Eat two fruits a day. No sugar or alcohol. Only once a week on your “cheat” […]

Goal: To lose 5 pounds!

I am super excited to hear so many of you are in this with me and we will make it happen together. I will be posting weekly tips, recipes (yes, Persian and middle Easter clean recipes, and inspiration to get us through.) As you know, I have lost weight in the past and I have […]

Persian Cooking Demo, Deal NJ

Deal, NJ…have you ever been there? I was a little scared of the long 5-6 hour drive from Boston…not to mention the uncertainty of meeting people I have only spoke to over the phone. The only thing that calmed me was the fact that my guardian angel, Cheryl Sanders, was coming with me. Nothing can […]

Cookbook Inauguration Party-GIVEAWAY!!

The hardest part about having a cookbook inauguration party was not the prepping, cooking, planning or dedicating of books. The hardest part was that I was unable to have every single one of my friends attending. I actually wanted the whole Boston community to be part of my happiness. However, that proved to be impossible. […]

Roasted Garlic

There is not a single Shabbat dinner in my house that goes by without a bowl of roasted garlic!  There is something magic about the aroma of garlic roasting in the oven.  It makes every one at home come to the kitchen and ask what it is I am cooking.  And there is nothing like […]