Goal: To lose 5 pounds!

I am super excited to hear so many of you are in this with me and we will make it happen together. I will be posting weekly tips, recipes (yes, Persian and middle Easter clean recipes, and inspiration to get us through.) As you know, I have lost weight in the past and I have it (with the help of professionals) down to a science. If you stick with my suggestions you will not only lose weight that will stay off but also feel like you have never felt before! Your energy levels will be amazing and your focus too. I cannot wait to hear from all of you! This week will be prep week where you learn how to eat clean and next Monday is a new beginning!


FIRST things first: write down your goal. You can do whatever you set your mind to do and accomplishing it feels amazing.  Get a small journal (or even in your smart phone) write down your goal and commit to it.


Here is my goal:

I have an important event coming up in about 3 weeks (I will disclose what it is as we get closer to the date…yikes!) and I will lose 5 pounds of fat to feel healthy, slim, fit and also because I want my clothes from last summer to fit otherwise I will have to shop for a new wardrobe and that is not happening and my husband will flip and I better stop here!


As you can see, we all have different goals and reasons to want to get in better shape, but trust me when I tell you no matter how “skinny” you are; the goal of feeling healthy and fit is always an important one. So, I chose 5 pounds because I think any woman out there would not mind losing 5 pounds, of fat that is!


SECOND: get rid of the junk. I know I have been keeping it in my night table (yep, that last bag of Trader Joes “parve” chocolate chips) I also get triggered by salty snacks like chips and all that delightful bad-for-you transfat-loaded-yet-delicious-junk.  Stop eating your kid’s leftover chicken nuggets or having dinner with them and then with your husband [personal note here.] I am not going to put obstacles in front of my goal as far as I have the power to remove them. I do have self-control but trust me, I also sometimes give in and feel so frustrated about it after the fact…sounds familiar right?

THIRD: Go grocery shopping for clean foods. You will eat what you have handy and if that is potato chips this will not work. I will be posting my menu and grocery list for next week this week so you can get ready. The rule-of-thumb is shopping in the perimeter of the store where most of the healthy items can be found.  I will take as many pictures of my food as possible and give you suggestions if you are a vegetarian as well.


FOURTH: get your loved ones to help you. Enlist all the people around you and make sure they know your goal. Have them help you with motivation and encouragement.  Stay away from “friends” that bring you down or tell you…here you go at it again; what makes you think this time it will work? Those are certainly not friends.  Instead of going to get ice cream, got get a mani-pedi or go rock climbing, do not allow anyone to sabotage your initiative.  Enroll your husband or wife on your goal…you never know…she/he might even join you! Let your kids know about it, when they see you reaching for the last piece of pizza they will remind you about your goal, publicly and without apology. Yep, the fear of public humiliation really works sometimes!


LASTExercise! It was hard for me to actually write the “!” sign after that word. I have been exercising with a personal trainer, Robin Bates, for over 2 years two times a week (and on my own the other days) and I honestly still kinda HATE it! Robin is amazing (you can reach her on her facebook page) but I try to find every single excuse to not exercise [which is why I need her]. Even as I am writing this post I am all dressed ready to work out and wishing something will come up and I will not have time at the end to do it! However, ladies, without exercise you will see no lasting results. Yes, you can starve for a week and lose those pounds in a very unhealthy manner. I have done that too. That’s what’s called “skinny fat” because when we do that we lose fat and muscle too. The last 5 pounds are the hardest to lose, so you need to help your body and metabolism with exercise. I am not talking spending an hour at the gym, I am talking about 15 minutes a day getting your heart rate up and challenging your body a bit. If you made time to read this post or brush your teeth, you have time for exercise…even if you hate it like me. I will provide you with my exercise tools and you will not believe how easy is to get your body stronger and fit.

I am so incredibly excited to have you join me in this journey!  I will post the rest of the week everything you need to know to be ready to start on Monday. Get as many friends as possible excited about this because doing it together really helps. I am ready…how about you?!!






Disclaimer: The information provided reflects Reyna Simnegar’s personal experience and is not intended to replace medical advice. Its best to consult with a doctor before starting any nutritional or exercise routine and find out if these ideas are appropriate for you.

4 thoughts on “Goal: To lose 5 pounds!

  1. Hi Reyna, I am excited to see this recipe for success. I have been trying desperately to loose weight over the past year and now with my wedding practically around the corner, the motivation (but also exasperation) to loose weight is really mounting.

    I workout at least 3-4x a week, but I know my diet needs to be adjusted.

    Looking forward to your tips ans tricks!

    1. Thank you Shani. The pic you see in this post is from last summer…I was 10 pounds lighter then. I would now mind going back at least a little closer to that pic so I can fit into my summer clothes. I would happily gain 5 pounds of muscle if I could, but all I have to lose is fat. Trust me, there is plenty of it in my thighs…lol!

  2. hey this is so funny and smart

    can I do this while I am pregnant
    I guess so :)

    fyi, you looked stunning the first time I met you and believe me that was like three years ago when your last kid w as one!

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