Jewish Resources

The following are some of my favorite Jewish websites!! Enjoy!

Aish website is a great source of inspiration! There are tons of articles about almost any subject under the sun! Also, they have a “wallcam.” Nothing less than a camera directed to the Western Wall live! I have actually seen my husband standing in front of the wall while I was in my office in Boston!

Chabad’s website is another great source of strength! I love the articles, the section of “today in Jewish history” and the fact that I can get candle lighting times right from the front page! They also have a database of all the Chabad centers in the world! My husband travels a lot and always ends up finding a “home away from home” at any Chabad around the globe. These centers have saved my life because many have fed my hungry husband for me! Thank you! My children recommend the kid’s page (and I love it too.) It has amazing games and videos, which are educational and inspirational for little minds.

This fabulous website contains tons and tons of audio and video files of Torah classes and inspirational stories from the best public speakers of our times.

I came across this website by mistake and I am so glad for it! In this website you can find what it means to be Jewish. This website is excellent for beginners to Judaism and it explains in details how to keep Shabbat. I find it to be very helpful!

There is a link to the kosher restaurant database where you can search for any kosher restaurants in a city in the world.

A great place to find a nice thought for the Parsha of the week to share at your Shabbat table. and

Both websites are fabulous for kashrut questions, kosher products, videos and much more. and and

Great sites for dating Jewish marriage minded singles.

Everyone asks me, “How do you keep your makeup so gorgeous over Shabbat?”  Here is my secret!!  You can look beautiful and still hold by Halacha with Shabbat makeup! Let Shaindee know I sent you to her!

Many people ask me…how difficult is it to keep kosher? Well, thanks to Debra Finkel and her Kosher Keepers it is piece-of-cake! Check out her website and make your kitchen kosher today!