Table of Contents

The Jews of Iran
How Is This Book Kosher?
Absolutely Necessary Things the Non-Persian Bride Must Have in Her Persian Kitchen
It’s My Kitchen and I’ll Marinate If I Want To!

Appetizers and Side Dishes
Fish and Soups
Poultry and Meat
Persians Stews and Sephardic Shabbat Stews
Dairy Foods, Egg Dishes, and Snacks
Dessert and Beverages

A Jewish/Persian manual to major religious holidays, life events and etiquette.
Persian Holiday Tutorial
The Laws of Tarof and Other Persian Peculiarities I Happen to Love!


18 thoughts on “Table of Contents

  1. Dearest Reyna,

    Kol hakavod on a beautiful blog, website and book! I am so thrilled and impressed with all that you do, are doing and continue to do in the name of Judaism and kashrut. Most importantly through all of this, you are helping to teach others while being 100% true to yourself: your devotion, energy, passion, sense of humour, and your acute sense of style and elegance. This is an inspiration that is executed to perfection :)

    Lots of love and missing you guys everyday!

  2. Hi Reyna. Am always happy to find another kosher website and especially one as unusual as this. Mazeltov on publishing a book!

  3. Your book is fabulous! So far I have made many of the salads several times (in particular, the lox salad – AMAZING) as well as water challah. Can’t wait to try more! My husband’s family is from Syria and Egypt, but he likes Persian food too. I got the book when we had been married only a few months and it has been invaluable.

    Thank you for writing this cookbook!

  4. Hi Reyna I love your blog its really authentic and amazing your such a great cook. I wanted to know what brand of rice do you use? Because I can get basmati rice but there are a ton of brands so if u could please share which brand do you use so i can make your beautiful rice recipes :)
    take care Hope to hear from you soon

    1. I am so happy you like the Blog! I get my rice in Costco (the big 10 pound bags) and the brand is Royal…I like it a lot. Tilda is also very good and very clean. Those are my favorite two brands. Tilda also makes brown Basmati rice which is absolutely delicious! Enjoy!

    1. HI!! I will have a paypal option in the website soon! If you feel comfortable sending a check, please email me directly at and I can let you know all the specs. Thank you for your support!

  5. Hi Reyna! I really enjoy your video’s and I was really excited to make the persian roulade but when I went on this website to figure out the exact measurements, I noticed that on your video you said half a cup of sugar and on this website you said 1 cup of sugar. I wasn’t really sure what to do and was wondering if you could help me. Thanks!

  6. Hi Reyna.
    I am so glad I found your are amazing .. I am a Qatari lady from Qatar and I really love your style in presenting and cooking…Congrats on your cookbook.. I wonder if you are writing a book about Persian dessert…oh and one beauty question if you don’t mind me asking ..I love love your rings – the silver.. The blue … May I know where you got them ..Thanks please email me

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